Timelapse Video, 2023

Special Thanks to:
Celine Lam
Nicholas Teo
Arun Dodds
Alvin Jai
Mason Hunnisett
Pearl Bocking
Ella Nathan
Arthur Zola
Phoebe Wilkinson
Ella Wallace
Idris Prior
Sambal Tumis

STOLEN FROM THE TABLE is a representation of stolen identity from colonialism and diaspora through food being robbed by British. The Roti Bawean is the only item that holds strongly to the artist and cannot be robbed from them.


Currently pursuing a Ba(Hons) Film Production degree at Arts University Bournemouth. At the current moment, I am doing my research on my own heritage and identity for me to produce more projects in future. I am intending to do more works on cultural erasure through moving images and collaborate with people that are alike to me. Feel free to look around and contact me if you need me!