Currently pursuing a Ba(Hons) Film Production degree at Arts University Bournemouth. At the current moment, I am doing my research on my own heritage and identity for me to produce more projects in future. I am intending to do more works on cultural erasure through moving images and collaborate with people that are alike to me. Feel free to look around and contact me if you need me!


Habitue is dedicated to people that inspired me to help my life get by.
From inspiring me to pick up a guitar again to picking up a main role in a musical to small encounters on the streets. I am so fascinated by what everyone has to offer and despite me not being as close to them,i admire every person that i’ve talked to due to their ways of life.
Although, my memories may fade and my memories with my emotions may alter through time. I believe these memories are my motivation to keep going
because seeing these different beliefs ( whether i agree or not), seeing every human emotion they pour to me or seeing the passion that fuels them to make what they love makes me want to
learn more about everyone and want to help and improve myself and others.This is for them. As aware as I am with how bad I am with my words, at least let my work speak for you.